About us

Hi! My name is Debbie Harmon. I am an artist who lives in beautiful Manzanita on the Oregon coast.  I have been living, painting, and gardening here for a long time. In March of 2015 I opened a gallery so that I could share the things that my friends and family do with all of you.

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Perhaps you have questions! Let me answer some of them:

Where can I find you and when are you open:

Manzanita is on the Oregon Coast just 15 minutes south of Cannon Beach. We are on the intersection of the main street called “Laneda Avenue” and Division, closer to the highway then all the other cute shops. We love being across the street from the amazing Hoffman Center for the Arts, and diagonal from the Tillamook County Library of Manzanita.

You will find our little store amidst our home and gardens. We are almost always open Thursday through Sunday 11am-4pm. We are a small operation so sometimes we close unexpectedly, but we do what we can to keep that to a minimum. We love to meet you by appointment as well.

Okay, I want to make an appointment or ask a question, how do I contact you?

Call at (503)368-7364 or email at dragontides@gmail.com

Wait, are you a gallery or a store?

We love galleries, but we also love warm inviting spaces with creativity embracing your every move. Hopefully you will find that what we do blends those two things. If we had the space we would also have a plant nursery, a workshop area, and so much more. As it is you might find a little of this or that here.

What will I see if I visit Amanita?

What we really love is bringing creativity into the home and garden, and sharing all the ways that one might do that. We always have a unique exhibit of new work rotating about every two months. This might be the work of my family or I,  or thematic invitationals of talented local artisans. We also paint on and adapt reclaimed goods, resell unique vintage, create unique products using our images, and create hand painted furniture.

Cool! Can I buy these things online?

Not currently. Here is the reality: I am one woman running and watching a retail business, doing the accounting, painting rocks, planting the garden, making the art all while staying inspired. Don’t get me wrong, I love this and am so thankful for your patronage, but keeping this one store stocked is hard enough. I would like to at least make my cards and prints available online, but that won’t happen until at least 2017.

I love what you do, how can I help?

It means a lot that you are interested in our work, and that you continue to support us. It would be so helpful if you tell your friends about what you see, and share our posts on facebook across any platform! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

I’m an artist, can I sell my work/products at Amanita?

It’s an honor that you are even interested. Please keep in mind that Amanita is a small space, and that inventory management adds a lot of time that I don’t have. Because of these things we choose to turn away a lot of things that we like very much.

If you are still interested, please come come by and ask for our consignment information form, which will give you a better idea what we are looking for.